I’m sick of living a lie, aren’t you? I’m not lyin’ to you. Everyone else? Who gives a shit about everybody else? What fucking difference does it make if I lie to them? Because… Because you’re not free.

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise you will threaten the man.’ Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support. But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors – not for jobs or for accomplishments, which I think can be a good thing, but for the attention of men. We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.


be protective over me so i can pretend to hate it while I silently fall in love with you

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playing a game for nostalgia but realizing you’re going to have to fight that boss again


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this stick figure has no face so why the fuck can I tell exactly what its feeling

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“I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?” — Daniel Radcliffe (via hankgreensmoustache)

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Ashley and Meg struggle with filming beside loud boys.

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